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As I Like It

Ever since I moved to London, I've been asked to 'show people around'. 
I realised it was a pleasure, not a chore. Moreover, having interest in British history since before I moved to London, showing people around was something I was looking forward to.
Then a few years later I had a brief stint as a tour guide. I was between jobs, and jumped at this opportunity. And again I realised just how much I enjoyed it.


Fast forward to now, this is my venture.

So, please join me on my walks. Currently I have two, fittingly with the Coronation, one is about Royal London.

The second one is all about the naughty side of Our Capital, particularly in medieval and Tudor times.
See the links below! 

Royal London:
Be amazed with the tales of Kings and Queens while walking around Westminster - the home of the British Monarchy, from William the Conqueror to Charles III.  
Every walk is limited to four attendees. 

Naughty London:
Southwark boasts many stories of our fair capital's underbelly - from the Bishop of Winchester's geese to Shakespeare's Globe. Join me for a walk in the scandalous part of medieval London.

Every walk is limited to four attendees. 

For quirky facts about the rest of Britain and her history,please see my HISTORY BUFF website.

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