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westminster Reign of LOndon Walking Tour

Medieval London

Buckingham Palace

Georgian London

Royal London: Medieval & Tudor Monarchs
Be amazed with the tales of Kings and Queens while walking around Westminster - the spiritual home of the British Monarchy. Let's talk Anne Boleyn, Gunpowder Plot and Shakespeare. This tour explores the history of the Kings and Queens from Norman Conquest to the Stuarts.
Every walk is limited to six attendees. 

Image by Trae Gould


Coming Soon
Golden Hinde London Walking Tour

Naughty London

Magical London: Harry Potter and the Capital
Let's walk down some of the most important Harry Potter locations: some were used for filming, some inspired JK Rowling, some are magical in their own way...  
Every walk is limited to six adults. 

Naughty London: Unsavoury History of the Capital
Southwark boasts many stories of our fair capital's underbelly - from the Bishop of Winchester's geese to Shakespeare's Globe. Join me for a walk in the scandalous part of medieval London.

Every walk is limited to six attendees. 

For quirky facts about the rest of Britain and her history,please see my IF IT AIN'T BAROQUE website.

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