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Greenwich Walking Tour


My vocation is to talk about London and Britain as much as possible. There are so many places & people to cover, one lifetime isn't enough.

I love linking events and people from the past to familiar signposts of popular culture. An occasional joke helps, too. If you're laughing, you're learning.

Natalie, the Tour Guide


Ever since I moved to London, I've been asked to 'show people around'. 
I realised it was a pleasure, not a chore.

Moreover, having interest in British history since before I moved to London,

showing people around was something I was looking forward to.

Fast forward to now, this is my venture.

So, please join me on my walks. Currently I have three, soon to be four.
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My walking tours are designed to cover a portion of history, be it geographical, royal or by theme.

So far there are four, with six more launching this year:

- Royal London, which is split into two tours chronologically: Anglo-Saxons to Stuarts, and Stuarts to Windsors. All things monarchy are covered here.

- Royal Love Stories, in which we talk about all the royal lovers who have graced London, and their tales of happiness and sadness.

- Naughty London, in which I talk about the other, less wholesome side of London.

- Magical London, which is a novelty tour, dedicated to one of the most British franchises of all time - Harry Potter; coming soon.

Natalie is a history buff Hampton Court Palace
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With so much history to cover, I teamed up with my friend Gemma and together we launched

If It Ain't Baroque... Podcast.

It's a weekly show designed to connect historical dots and bring the audience their history specials. Find it anywhere you get your podcasts (click on links below):





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and many more...

Kew palace HRP London Tour Guide


If you're looking to find out more about Britain, please take a look at my Blog on If It Ain't Baroque... blog.

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