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Greenwhich Walking Tour

Any friends visiting London, or any history buffs/ London pals looking for touristy things to do with visitors — check this out!

I was one of Natalie’s first customers — she did a virtual walking tour of Westminster for my family via Zoom when they couldn’t fly over to visit me in 2020. And it was amazing. But now you can do it in person too!

10/10 would recommend.

Nora P.

Reign of London Big Ben Whitehall Westminster
London Eye London walking tour

The tour was a pleasure, showing central locations in London in a new light even for someone having visited the city several times before! Natalie's enlightening guidance and humour made the walk memorable, and brought the city's history and present alive in a most inspiring way. She also provided great reading tips, and before my next visit to London, I am more tempted than ever to do a bit of extra reading on the history of the country's royal house... Warmly recommended for any and every visitor to London wanting to know a bit more of the magnificent sights than just their names. Thank you for a great experience, Natalie! :)

Hanna J.

​​I enjoyed a lot my tour with Nataly. Learned many interesting information about the English monarchs starting from William the Conqueror to the Windsors. During the tour we passed along the landmarks in the center of London. Nataly filled the tour not only with general information, but also with funny facts and tips on what to read and watch in addition to what was said. Thank you!

Anastasia L.

Queen Alexandra Memorial History of Britain

What an enjoyable tour! I've been to the South Bank before, but Natalie helped me to see it in a new light. Looking forward to her new tours in London!

Olga P.

golden hinde southwark reign of london tours
southwark walking tour_edited.jpg

My tour was fantastic! Natalie was fun, extremely knowledgeable and made the whole experience so entertaining I felt like I went home full of knowledge and eagerness to know more! I will definitely be coming back!!

Maria L.

One of the best tours I have been on. Natalie is so friendly and knowledgeable, even on the little details that make you remember a tour. I wish I could have her on every tour around the country. Next time I’m in London, I will definitely be booking another of her tours. Highly recommend.

Ricardo R.

westminster tour
southwark cathedral walking tour

Great tour, well oriented and enjoyable experience. Great way to see London’s royal history. Our guide was brilliant, she gave us so much incredible information about the history of the monuments, buildings, statues, etc. Her knowledge was vast, she was genuine, friendly and very organised.

Isabel H.

Great tour with a wonderful guide. History presented in a clear and interesting manner. Highly Reccommend.

Maria G.

Tower Bridge Southwark Walking Tour
westminster winston churchill big ben walking tour

Natalie provided a fun and informative tour, with hidden gems of historical facts thrown in. She made the experience worth while and was clued up on any questions that came her way. 

Neil C.

Buckingham Palace British English histor


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